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Art of Application – 2: Getting Started

Posted by srinwantudey on March 13, 2009

Well, for me the most important portion of this manual resides here. You will be wonder reading this abnormal line. But believe me if you do not prepare yourself smartly you will gonna screwed through out the journey.

Just make sure you have prepare yourself  before you even think of application. Well, these are very trivial things and of course without these you can go forward conveniently. But trust me if you are loaded with the following stuffs life will be easier for you.

Let us start with a very very basic thing. You must have a email id. Without this you are nobody. I suppose every computer science applicants have a ton of this. Yeah believe me literally this. One of my friend has 11 email ids of different providers. So make sure, you also create one. Now back to my old good friend. Out of his 11 email ids no one is such an useful one. Why?….well, that’s a good question. The officer of university graduate admission office doesn’t know you personally. Nor even you going to send any angel to convince him. The unique thing they are know about you is your email id (other than the given University ID). And that email identification name is the solo representative from your side. Now have a thought here. If you are in the graduate admission shell or a professor  of a reputed university and you received a mail from an applicant seeking scholarship with the email id, what effect does it have on you? I think no more citation needed. Do not pick any prank or long names for your very precious email id. I have chosen my email id which promptly describes me in front  of the university representatives. Hope you have understand this very basic propaganda. 

My second tip also related to the emails. Please do not use your email id with any public groups. There are numerous public groups like Yahoo group or Google group where a number of users share their thoughts or post a message in every new seconds. Trust me if you join any of these your life will become busy to busier deleting unnecessary junk mails. So why take crappy loads? You have much more to do than sorting out of your precious application related mail from a bulk of spam mails. So just be careful. 

I will personally prefer Google mails to use in the application process. If you do not have one, I would like to suggest you to create one Gmail id. It has very few critical advantages. Nothing great but very convenient indeed. First of all it takes very short time to load and even you can access it with a slow Internet connection. This feature even help you to check important mails on the trip using mobile devices. Trust me you have to be a frequent visitor of your mail account, either you are gonna loose some opportunities. Another thing is that Gmail has a unique mailing label feature. By which you can easily label the mails which belongs to some specific reasons. Don’t think you are going to have casual greeting mails from your friends only. Everyday, you will find several mails for various purposes say from different universities, professors, communities, even from your courier company. You have to deal with them and have to deal smartly. The Gmail labelling feature will help you to find and separate specific category mails easily from a bunch of numerous important mails. This is flawless and very much time saving. The new colour scheme will also help the visual discrimination. 

Have a look at the screen shot of my Gmail account. Trust me it worths a lot.

My Gmail

Please don’t assume this as an Google promotion. Personally I adore them and truly, Gmail helps me a lot.



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