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Free domain name!

Posted by srinwantudey on March 13, 2009

Hi guys,

I have a brief bunch of info which we can really capitalize. These days professionalism is a must. People will appreciate you if you have a website of your own. Even while applying if you communicate with professors, it will be more impacting if you put up all your credentials like resume, field of interests, papers & publications or scanned copy of certificates on your own website. These definitely doesn’t guarantee admission but you can make your position slightly respected. But it’s very hard to find a proper domain name. The .com or .net domain names do not come free of charges. We need to rent them for an year at least, which is a tough task for the students even for employees.  The free website providers always provides a crappy web address which is really hard to remember and makes a very commercial effects on the visitors. Which is not at all expected.

Well, I find a littile solution. We can easily have a free domain name http://www.”something” after registering at The great thing is that this domain has some special services which includes Manage Name Servers, Zone Records and URL forwarding. Better if you host our site at some free web providers space and use the web forwarding service to redirect your chosen domain name at server to the the hosted site. It avoids the commercial long web paths.

I would like to request readers to provide links of more free domain names to build a healthy database. 

UPDATE: Go to for another good URL redirect service.



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