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Art Of Application – 1: Preface

Posted by srinwantudey on March 13, 2009

I am not here to convince you to study at the US universities. Nor here to explain all the prospects after doing masters from an US university. I suppose that, all the readers are quite determined to change the course of thier career to the nation of stars and stripes. I am only here to share some thaughts which inevitably reduce many complexities while applying. Trust me, the whole process is pretty complex if you are not a person who loves planning. I repeat, an unplanned venture will land you at no where.


I know one of my friend who was pretty absentminded send all the documents of one university to another one. Now think, he lost both of them. I donot want my readers won’t face such difficulties.

Before anything, I would like share something about me. As i am an Indian graduate and apply for masters in computer science, all the experience gained by me will be helpful to all the masters computer science applicants. Rests nothing to worry. The basic things are exactly same for the PhD applicants and the applicants of other streams. Infact the very basic tips and tricks are extremely useful for the applicants who wish to apply to the other countries line Canada or UK. The things which are different from me are the choice of universities and eligibility criterias. In fact, I promice which ever information I got about different perspects of application, I will promptly share.


Lets have a look upon the different basic things required to pursue higher study in USA. I will later elaborate this topics for greater review.

  1. GRE examination
  2. TOEFL examination
  3. Bachelor degree completing a minimum of 4 years course.

These are the basic things you must have for applying to the US universities for the masters. I am very sorry for the word “Must”. Nothing is rigid in this journey. Just to make you feel comfort, you won’t find any more flexible system at your native land. You could have made mistakes but relux it will not be any blunder if you pick up that early. So, the key word is “Stay Cool”. Well, there are sevaral universities which doesn’t require a GRE or TOEFL score. I will furnish the list later. But in general these examinations are required for 99% of the universities.


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