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Thank you Edulix! 3 Admits so far…

Posted by srinwantudey on March 13, 2009

Hmmmm….. some good news from me at last.

Well, some side by side admits make me the happiest. The very first one came from the Information Security Institute of Johns Hopkins University. A month later another admission offer from the  The Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Texas at Dallas – a safe admit in fact. And after that the grand one . It is from the University of Florida (the 4th largest of that nation) and whimsically it comes with 40% tuition waver. A drizzle without any cloud or could I say, rainbow without downpour. Anyway,the burden has been reduced a lot and I shall be able to devote more time on my activities, writing, learning and of course blogging. 

In this regard I will like to thanks and it’s members, without them I am literally nothing. The information you are finding here, most them are extracted from the huge store house of I have found the Edulixians as one of rarest human race who never have hesitated to spread their helping hands. A collection of Good Samaritan, I can say. I am proud to be one among them.

I believe time is one of the most valuable assets you have. So invest it wisely. I would like to advise you to stick with as much as possible without hampering your studies ofcourse. For me, Edulix is a greater addiction than Orkut or Facebook. And the results are quite obvious.

I will keep posting the “Art of Application” manual series with every trivial details of applying and time to time give information how to make yourself outstanding. You can find me with a nothing special profile doing pretty well (as of my standards are concerned). Then why can’t be you? It’s only the wish power, proper knowledge, relentlessness and confidence have the last smile.

Please feel free to ask me any question, any queries at, and I commit I will be answering you within 24 hours.



4 Responses to “Thank you Edulix! 3 Admits so far…”

  1. Karthik said

    True Srinwantu Dey. I would probably call Edulix as the best use of the Web 2.0 platform. Social and collaborative. Its great to be a member of Edulix. I am sure you would be eager to help the others in pursuing their dreams.

    • srinwantudey said

      Hi karhik,
      thanks for your comment. I am not here to compete with Edulix, but write my personal experience and activities. There is nothing like Edulix. If some one find it helpful I will be more happier. I find a real lack of interest among Indian students in research or volunteer works and activities. I try to promote the interest among them. In fact I was also infected by this syndrome.
      I would request you to promote this blog to your near and dears.
      I will really eager to help the others by what ever information or knowledge I have.

      • Karthik said

        I shall definitely let my friends know about this Srinwantu Dey. I accept with your point that though we Indians have the potential to do the best research, we dont do that with interest. Good that you started off with this. We could create a viral network with this. All the best to you! Cheers!!!

  2. fouzder said

    hi Srinwantu,
    if u can post some site wherer freelance working is available in web or data level which may enhacnce the credentil and keep the stdnt up beat with the ever changing web designing world it will be helpful for a lot of us.
    Freelance is ok bt if some extra buck comes 2 ur pocket that will rule the roost …so please ..i m interseted in UK bt ater all it’s all connected so any dam place in the earth wl serve the cause…

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