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Art of Application – 6: Catching up the Professors

Posted by srinwantudey on March 26, 2009

                   Earlier I have furnished some decorum which you must follow while interacting with a professor. Now, just ponder upon why are you mailing him? It’s all business! Not literally though. You are mailing him with some particular intention. Most of the time you are seeking for funding. It’s quite obvious. The fun part is that, even the professor knows that the guys is asking for funding. So you should not ask him directly. Better you have a good homework on his published papers and start asking him about that referring your work. Say, you can start with some scenario of your running  project and ask his explanation regarding the same. This way, you can start interacting with the professor and also able to present yourself as an inquisitive research minded pupil. Take the example of me. I have started mailing a Professor of Computer Graphics seeking advise about which book to follow to grow up a nice concept on OpenGL technology. He answered and surprisingly the volume is more than what I have expected. Like this or that you need to interact with them. Aftermath mention your GRE/TOEFL score or send him your CV and tell him that you are going to apply to his University and wishing to research under his guidance. I have followed this step. It’s upto you how you will present yourself. But, if you don’t plan out to start your gun going with some smart ideas, don’t try dumb and foolish approach. Then you must start with conventional way. You can find some sample letter visiting the following link.

Well, hope you can atleast start the mails now. Whenever I can remember more tips, I will surely update these posts. Oh! one thing to say, it’s must, do not make a blunder with wrong spellings. Frankly, it hurts a lot. Try to spell correctly the name of the University and the departments. Please do not circulate same mail to all professor of a same department nor you should mention ones name to others. You don’t know about their personal relationship. And, last but not least, do not forget to search thoroughly in the professor’s personal web page, whether he had clearly mentioned that, he don’t have any TA/RA position.  

Wishing you a very best of luck for the coming future!


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