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My experience with Ubuntu!

Posted by srinwantudey on April 1, 2009


Welcome to all of you in open source world. This article is for those, who have never touched linux or unix. Proud to announce that, I am the fresh most member of open source world, still can’t resist the temptation to write an article on my experience. I must say, those who have little bit of experience in linux, please do not look over here. You are going to find some boring and commonplace facts here. But, I am sharing my experience for those, who still have some rigid conception over linux that, it is totally a command based service with a very poor GUI or it’s consumes greater RAM and very slow and blah blah blah! I had some misconception also. But now, the things have gone all changed within a week. I have installed a fresh distribution of Ubuntu 8.10 (desktop edition) in my latest notebook and Umm! Please have a look on the screen cast and I guarantee, you will be amazed to view such a nice and eye-candy desktop environment.

I advice you to experience the pleasure of Ubuntu (GNOME edition) atleast once (not the KUBUNTU or XUBUNTU) to get refreshed from old and clerical window’s atmosphere. For the free distribution of Ubuntu Desktop Edition, please feel free to ask me.

I will be appreciate some comments on my first scrren cast, More to come, please keep visit this space!



One Response to “My experience with Ubuntu!”

  1. ..Nice job out there and yes, Welcome to FREEDOM..

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