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Alternative to us sorry U.S: An experience shared about UK academics

Posted by srinwantudey on April 4, 2009

Author: Subrata Fouzder    Reviewed By: Srinwantu Dey 

** Author has an B.Tech degree from National Institute of Technology, Warangle in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and going to University of Warwick, UK  for M.Sc in Information Management Systems.

             It is very common notions that if you are going out side of India for academic purpose, you are going to do M.S or PhD and you are going to the land of U.S. But, with high competition getting into a highly rated US university become tougher these days.

             But UK and now a day’s entire Europe is opening up for the students of India. As I have applied to quite a few of UK universities and a hell lot of homework, I have able to build a somehow inside out idea about them and of course I would like to share it with you.

            Take the example of me! I have an ambition to do my management degree from a quality foreign university. But frankly speaking, the sky kissing expense chart for an MBA course forces me to step back. You cannot study with burden of a lump sum lone amount on your shoulder. But I never gave up. I was always opted for some quality alternatives and when gaining much information and feedbacks from the seniors, I have decided to go for a Master of Science degree (M.Sc) in Information Management Systems which is quite an excellent achievement if achieved from a top notched university.

            Baring Oxbridge (i.e. Oxford University and University of Cambridge) the other colleges in UK are fairly easy to get in. But as always there is flip sides also but first let us see the positives.

If I rank the UK universities the ranking will be broadly like this:

        OXBRIDGE, London Business School, Imperial College, London School of Economics, University of Warwick, University of Manchester, Durham University, Lancaster University, University of Edinburgh, CAS Business School, King’s College London, University of Leicester, University of Nottingham, Leeds University, Aston University, University of Strathclyde. Beside these there are plenty of other universities like York, Bristol, Sussex, Sheffield and they are decent enough though.

Now comes to the profile to get into OXBRIDGE: You have to seat for GMAT and of course you must possess outstanding academics. Along with those extracurricular activities, sponsors, publications, internships will help immensely.

LSE (London School of Economics): Frankly you can get into it with normal graduate first class degree but you may have to sit for GMAT there, also a score of 650 will suffice and u will be getting the tag of LSE for life time but there some other course baring economics is also there which are not that much renowned.

If you are talking about B Schools profiles, the fast upcoming B Schools are from Warwick, Manchester and Lancaster. They are having world class facility and collaboration with the top universities across the globe. To get into MBA in these colleges you have to appear for GMAT and you have to have job experience of at least 3 years.

But there are plenty of specialized masters course available in these universities which very highly demanding in job market. M. Sc in Operation research, Financial Mathematics, Information Management Systems are on demand. A decent profile with first class and preferably with some job experience will lead you to these colleges and all these courses are of 1 year duration. The tuition fees are around 8 lakhs (according to the current market).

IELTS: For most of them, you must appear for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and have to score 7 (out of 10), even with a balanced 6.5 will be considered as well. Trust me; scoring high in IELTS is just a cake walk. I will give you more information about IELTS on my upcoming articles.

Let’s have a look over post program curriculums. After the one year master’s course you can get 1 year back up time for searching a job. Yes, the jobs are not that much easy to crack but you can catch hold of any good job that will fetch you 35K GBP. I guess that’s a lot taking into the ROI. Frankly in UK the competitions are quite less and if you have the capabilities and you are coming form good college you will land up with a decent job always.

London is having all the fortune 500 companies plus Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham are having huge financial potentials.

In near future I will be writing about the new tire system which making a lot of hue and cry in the immigration system and I will be also posting my Curriculum Vitae. For your information, baring OXBRIDGE and LSE i have succeeded in all the applications so you can have an idea about the profile that the universities are looking into.

Good Luck!


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