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Rejection from Georgia Tech!

Posted by srinwantudey on April 6, 2009

Things are going pretty hurriedly now a days. Two back to back rejection make me a bit down head. The shocking one was from University of Central Florida – I am still quite unaware of the reason that what the loophole behind this. The latest was came from Gatech! No wonder this time as it was one of my ambitious efforts. The College of Computing at Georgia Tech ranks among the top ten of the US. It was my dream and the dream shutters with a brisk! In fact they show a valid reason though. My insufficient proficiency in the English language. My TOEFL score was 100 – not very bad, I guess. Still! Probably they had received a large volume of potential application and have to strict some criteria to filter out some. I wish, if I could score a 110+. But never be sorry. The expense is also a big deal there. I need to rob the Reserve Bank for studying there. The same reason why I am preferring UFL over Johns Hopkins University.

Well, I will post some tips on the financial know hows very soon. There are many a topic still to follow, I need to work on them too. The jobs are pending though. I have a made a list about those topics:

  1. Financial Know Hows
  2. On Campus Jobs – how to grab them!
  3. Basic Script Building in Linux
  4. My GRE Test Day experience.
  5. All about IELTS
  6. Lifestyle and Scope of Ph. Ds

I would like to know, if any one is interested to collaborate with me to work on this articles.

Wish you a luck and wish me some luck also,



3 Responses to “Rejection from Georgia Tech!”

  1. I was just thinking about becoming a moderator for your blog and there you go, publicizing it. You stole my word. It would be nice to be moderating such a great blog. By the way, how do i do that?

    • srinwantudey said

      Hey Rangeen,
      Great to know that you are willing to co-ordinate with me. Just let you clear one thing, this blog is not yet great, but surely we will make it a great. I have made you author of this blog already. Please discuss whatever idea you have to make it beneficiary to all of the visitors. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Ali said

    I Will need your help please!
    I am currently at the NIT in Jalandhar,and have completed the GRE, TOEFL and app process.. My GRE score was decent, so I had a lot of ppl asking me what to do, and how to do it. I started making a guide for the students, and will be using your ppt as a base.
    Cud you please send me a softcopy of the same, and any suggestions tht you may have.

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