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F1 VISA Processing: A step by step guide: Part 3

Posted by srinwantudey on June 22, 2009

This post is for the VI preparation.

What you need to carry for the VI: This list is an exhaustive one which satisfy many a case. Please consider which ever matches you.

  1. Passport♣
  2. HDFC Bank receipts (pink & blue slips)♣
  3. Visa Interview Appointment Letter♣
  4. SEVIS Fee receipt♣
  5. DS 156, DS 157, DS 158 forms (print outs)♣
  6. University I20 form♣
  7. GRE & TOEFL score cards♣
  8. University Admission Letter♣
  9. University Funding Letter (if any)♣
  10. Degree Certificate♣
  11. Mark sheets including Semester, 12 & 10♣
  12. Transcripts♣
  13. CA Statement♣
  14. Bank Statements♣
  15. Loan Sanction Letter if any ♣
  16. Fund Flow Statement
  17. Affidavit of support from sponsors♣
  18. Pass books♣
  19. Bank certificate of FDs♣
  20. Property deeds and Evaluation report♣
  21. Sponsors IT return
  22. Experience certificate from employee if not then offer letter♣
  23. Pay slips of 2/3 months♣
  24. IT returns/Form 16♣
  25. Other university admit letters/I20s♣
  26. Corresponding emails with Professors
  27. Job confirmation letter from employee after return from US
  28. Pension book, Rent receipts, MIS etc.♣
  29. Source of recent high transactions♣
  30. Birth Certificate♣
  31. SOP and CV

The items marked by ♣ are taken by me during VISA interview.

My suggestions are as follows (try to stick with them to have a smooth processing):

  1. Sign the I20 and DS forms before the VI.
  2. Snap your VISA photo as per specification – this is really strict measurement. Try to do it by some professional one. For Kolkata guys if you can’t find any one else come to Sector 5 near Webel – you will find US Visa photo studio there. Else every where you will find specialist studio just outside the VISA consulate. But always ask the local shops first. Glue the photo in DS 156 form.
  3. Bring a harmonium folder and arrange your documents inside it systematically.
  4. The affidavit of support should be written in Rs. 20/- court paper.
  5. If you have more than one bank account, try to collect your bank statements in same date.
  6. Keep a black pen with you on the VI day.
  7. Shouldn’t keep any sealed envelop with you. If you have any like transcripts, open it before entering consulate.

Best of Luck!


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