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F1 VISA Processing: A step by step guide: Part 2

Posted by srinwantudey on June 21, 2009

Now, its time to fill out the online application form. Go to and click on the link “Apply for non-immigrant Visa”. Then continue with the application. You will be asked if you have BEP user ID. Check the “No” option against that. Now create a new application . At any time you can save the application, logout and return later. Just remember that the application info you have saved will be retained for only 7 days. Keep your passport number and HDFC fee receipt number along with you to create the application. Then you will need to fill up 4 forms.

  1. DS 156
  2. DS 157
  3. DS 158
  4. SEVIS Form

To fill out the DS 156 form have a look at the screen shots of my form furnished  below:


To fill out the DS 157 form have a look at the screen shots of my form furnished  below:


To fill out the DS 158 form have a look at the screen shots of my form furnished  below:


I hope if you use your brain a bit, you can easily fill out the forms. Just Remember a few things :

  1. Write NA if any thing is not applicable for you.
  2. For University Contact  or US contact person, write the name of your Graduate Coordinator in place of “SELF”
  3. While writing address avoid typing special characters like ‘/’ or ‘,’ etc. Use space instead.
  4. In answere to Q. 10  of DS 157 form, write India if you don’t have multiple passports.
  5. Fill the forms using Internet Explorer only.

To fill out the SEVIS form, have your I20 form along with you. Enter the SEVIS ID issued by the university (starts with N) in the application. I don’t have screen-shots though, trust me this is real easy.

Now it’s time to pay the SEVIS fee. Go to to pay this. You can pay this via your credit card. You must print the Sevis fee receipt so please make sure you have a printing enabled in your computer. You may also use a PDF printer. You cannot return to this page later. So stay alert.

After that, take your VISA interview date and print all the three forms and visa interview appointment letter positively. You can also arrange your interview without paying the SEVIS fee but be ready with the receipt before VI.

Bye for now!


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Art of Application – 6: Catching up the Professors

Posted by srinwantudey on March 26, 2009

                   Earlier I have furnished some decorum which you must follow while interacting with a professor. Now, just ponder upon why are you mailing him? It’s all business! Not literally though. You are mailing him with some particular intention. Most of the time you are seeking for funding. It’s quite obvious. The fun part is that, even the professor knows that the guys is asking for funding. So you should not ask him directly. Better you have a good homework on his published papers and start asking him about that referring your work. Say, you can start with some scenario of your running  project and ask his explanation regarding the same. This way, you can start interacting with the professor and also able to present yourself as an inquisitive research minded pupil. Take the example of me. I have started mailing a Professor of Computer Graphics seeking advise about which book to follow to grow up a nice concept on OpenGL technology. He answered and surprisingly the volume is more than what I have expected. Like this or that you need to interact with them. Aftermath mention your GRE/TOEFL score or send him your CV and tell him that you are going to apply to his University and wishing to research under his guidance. I have followed this step. It’s upto you how you will present yourself. But, if you don’t plan out to start your gun going with some smart ideas, don’t try dumb and foolish approach. Then you must start with conventional way. You can find some sample letter visiting the following link.

Well, hope you can atleast start the mails now. Whenever I can remember more tips, I will surely update these posts. Oh! one thing to say, it’s must, do not make a blunder with wrong spellings. Frankly, it hurts a lot. Try to spell correctly the name of the University and the departments. Please do not circulate same mail to all professor of a same department nor you should mention ones name to others. You don’t know about their personal relationship. And, last but not least, do not forget to search thoroughly in the professor’s personal web page, whether he had clearly mentioned that, he don’t have any TA/RA position.  

Wishing you a very best of luck for the coming future!

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Art of Application – 5: Write to the Proessors

Posted by srinwantudey on March 25, 2009

Come to a deeper approach now. Intimating with Professors might boost your admission chances or funding scenario. It will more beneficiary for PhD guys, but MS people also could have extracted some benefits also. What you need to do is search the Internet inside out. You must have stickied with the desired university pages hours after hours. You should have a sound idea over your favorite field of study and search accordingly. I will recommend those who are even sophomores start this process to learn literally. Trust me, they are the people with some real brains and every time you will speak to them, you will learn something. So try to intimate with them as early as possible. Beforehand, you must  read the following points and try to follow them. Do not hesitate to mould them according to your present situation. Remember, intimating with a professor is nothing but an art and you should lend some creativity to do so. If you are among the hoi-polloi why should one super professor bother to talk with you?

  1. Do not use BCC to mail all: Well, though this is the shortest way to mail numerous people with a single click,  I will not recommend you to do so. Because, one can easily track that this mail has been sent keeping him in the BCC. What the professor will conclude from this is the sender is such a person who always loves to achieve goals via short cart. A very bad impact at the very first which is not intended at all.
  2. Do not use steriotype subject line: You must not use commonplace subject lines like “MS in CS aspirant for Fall 2009” or “Need Funding for coming semester”. You should be highly creative to select your Subject Line to make the mail through the filter criteria and get noticed by the professor.
  3. Carefully review the mail body: Most of the time we prepared a standard format of the letter and mailed them to different professor. But be careful for each individual while mentioning University name, department name and like such and such things. Always check whether you address “sir” to any female professor. These cases really could have stampeded your chances.
  4. Do not show over respect: It is fine to address them with their first name or last name appended with Prof. tag. There is not needed to address them as “respected sir”, nor it is preffered to call as “dear”. You should have show proper respect to their researches and published papers but please do not worship them using exhilarated train of words.
  5. Try to mail them on weekdays: Try to avoid mailing in the weekends. Normally professors ignore the mails except highly crucial ones. If possible do not mail them on Mondays as it can be mixed up with unread junk mails.

I will give you more info very soon. Keep visit this space.

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Art of Application – 4: ROADMAP UPLOADED

Posted by srinwantudey on March 19, 2009

Hi mates,
I have created a presentation for fresh MS aspirants – who don’t possess any idea regarding the whole process. I have made this presentation for them to make them aware of the basic processes so that they can schedule the early and boost up their confidence level.
Hope you guys find this useful. Please don’t forget to comment on this and subscribe for email alerts for new essential post at this blog.

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Art of Application – 3: How to get publication under belt!

Posted by srinwantudey on March 15, 2009


I am not intended to write about this so early. But one of the reader  – a student from NIT Trichy – asked me to furnish about this issue. Well, it is a hard core fact that the Universities are always searching for research experiences and publication. A good publication in some international journal put you way ahead even if you have a wretched GRE score.

My views, concerns or advise what ever may be regarding this are followes below:

  1. Approach a Professor you know: This is one of the safest way to publish a paper. Ask one of your professor (well known of course), that you want to learn something on his field (that obviously belongs to yours also) and want to assist him at his research works. Do not tell him at first about your desire to publish a paper. It has some negative impacts. Then convince him that you are such a great learner by working diligently and if all goes well, this assistantship eventually could have leaded towards publication. Having an renowned professor at the forefront has some real advantages if acceptance of paper is concerned.  It will be your learning phase. But make sure that, you shouldn’t become the 3rd or 4th author of the paper (though remember something is always better than nothing).
  2. Publish at your own:  Another thing you can do, searching for opportunities. There are many international societies are there who advertise the ‘call for paper’ agenda with writing requisite quite a before their annual conference. You should have an eye on them. My friend was asking for VLSI based publication. I had some information about this years VLSI conferences, but  the submission deadlines for most of them are over already. Still have a look on them for brief ideas about the societies, time lines and writing criteria. Just remember one thing renowned journals always ask papers quite few months before final announcement, even a year ago also. So, schedule yourself accordingly.
    •  (Try to search the main websites for more information)
    • The most important questions arise here, how we can know about this agenda’s? Well, it’s true, being an student with hectic schedule tracking each and every organisations’ activities are quite a tough task. I don’t know whether it goes true for you or not (I was a lethargic person by default). Those who fall in my category, can use Google. Search intelligently to get latest agendas. Say, if some one searching for Data Mining opportunity can search by “Data Mining + Call for Paper” phrase. It works generally. I will try as much as I can posting here these kind of scopes.
  3. If Not Succeeded: If you don’t find any professor to guide you or your paper is being rejected time to time, please don’t loose heart. Acceptance rate of papers are very feeble (please have a look over these pages to get an idea over the acceptance rates:,, so please don’t assume, you don’t possess any potential. It’s all about luck and experience matters. The advantage for you that, whenever you prepare and submit a paper you will learn something (forget about the chances of acceptance). No attempt goes fruitless (seniors please correct me if I am wrong). Try to find any volunteer attachment with some well known society or organisation and try to learn the art of writing from them while volunteering. You can grow your contact network from there also. Remember that this scholars are very helpful. Or what you can do, try writing articles (review, editorial etc) on student journals (they often ask for that) and make your CV strong as writer and gain some confidence and backing. These sort of activities (if they are continuous) often impressed the judgement makers when neck n neck fight is being expected. 

I am also a component of this journey. I used to voluntarily contribute for ACM. My efficiency impressed them a lot, and  I was appointed as one of the On-line Editor of the prestigious student journal “ACM Crossroad”. The board president (a great guy from Stanford University), used to review and rectify my articles whenever he gets time. Such a nice learning experience I am gaining there. Just don’t worry about short term goals, if you have enough quality, motivation, confidence and a strong  urge for learning (non-commercially), you don’t need to seek for opportunities later on. Opportunities will follow you.


UPDATE:   Download Writer’s Guideline issued by Computer Society of India. Remember each organisation has their own parameters. It is just a sample for you to understand the very basic criteria to write. Click below to view the pdf.



**(I would like to request seniors to comment on this post. It may be totally misfit as these are based on only my personal experiences)

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