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UFL Stories: Live from Gainesville

Posted by srinwantudey on May 3, 2009

If everything goes well, I am heading towards University of Florida this Fall. Yesterday, I have received my I20 form from UFL – so things are coming very close. At this moment, it is impossible to disguise as a lay man. We all are excited, isn’t it? It’s the time to grabingĀ  information rather predicting or day-dreaming. I too, not an exception. I posses a secret desire to taste the US student life since a long. As the time is ensuing, I become moreĀ  inspired. I have asked some of my friends who are already at the UF campus about the happennings there. I am publishing their views here to let you get the essence of UFL campus. These are excerpts from mail by students of UF. I am leaving their names unrevealed for the time being.

“Hello Srinwantu, Welcome to gator nation. The land of the most prettiest girls on earth.”

“Quality of research is good. Infact a lot of profs here are well renowned throughout academia. In fact u might have read Dr Sartaj Sahni’s book in undergrad, here u might have the chance to get to interact with him.I dont know if u are planning on doing research for there are absolutely no funds for Masters students, it might so happen u just take the courses and pass out.But if you are keen on doing a PhD one of my Juniors ******** ******* came here last year and is now on his way to do a PhD. Pursuing research would be ur own will and will take a lot of fight against the odds.”

“Tuition fees I guess u know what the amount what u need to pay. Living expenses range drom 350-550 depending on ur lifestyle. Availing living cost, I am not sure how to answer that. Part time jobs are scarce right now, so u might have to invoke ur mighty male machosim to get some position. US has a greater system og Bhai Bhatijawaad and I am not one of the greatest supporters of that thing.”

“Rest assured, u will have a good time. Damn tuff courses that keep you on ur toes and make u learn a lot. Superb Fundamental research if u want to get involved with. Florida beaches and Gals to make up for what you have lost in undergrad days. And ya the Climate is superb.”

“I am not busy at all. Infact I am currently jobless right now after graduating in December. Scary yes!!!!!!!!!! but this is the worst time no-one has ever seen in their lifetime and my god we are the fortunate ones who have to encounter the recession right after passing out from college. My area was more into defense and aerospace, I can still justify my not getting jobs due to citizenship issues, but a CS guy shouldnt complain. CS ppl have all the companies at their disposal. But remind you Bhai Bhatijawaad…….referaal system does wonders here. If you know someone ur life would be very easy. IF not your life would be just like a common indian who always complains about everything.”

“Its gonna be a tuff and bumpy ride, but believe me in the end you will learn a lot here. Yes there are many cons about UF as a whole, but when it comes to academics and research UF commands respect even from MIT. A small example would be the UF Mech and Aero Engg Micro-aerial Vehicle team.”

“Costwise u will make a good investment. UF has one of the lowest tutiions and low cost of living in the USA. So its a better choice than most univs. But if u wanna get financially sound from every side it is not gonna happen soon.”

“I had been to beaches but at the wrong times……..december 25 along with friends, so i couldnt make the most of it, but UF is the most prettiest campus in USA and things have gotten out of control due to a groping incident by a Indian CS Masters student”

“Oncampus jobs are tuff, but some NITD seniors who already have jobs might be able to refer you for some positions. Dont be optimistic in ur views. Keep ur target low and you will find happiness. I would have liked to help you but probably by the time you come here I will be gone.”

“Regarding loans, I had the same idea as you. But realize that an average American is in more debt than you. So in a peer group of all students in CS u will have the lowest debt. If you want your life to be rosy and all debt free thats not gonna be the situation. Eduction loan u take will be for the total amount in ur I20 and that does include living expenses”

“And ya stop smoking cigarettes thats gonna add $40 to ur monthly expenditure bill”

“Living costs for me comes up to 400$ per month. This includes rent (212$), electricity (20-25$), internet (11$), phone charges and monthly groceries. “

“You need to look hard for a part time job here. Mostly because of a large number of desis around all looking for jobs. At the end more or less everyone gets a part time job from which they earn more than what the living expenses are.”

That’s what I got till now. I will update the stories, as soon as I collect some more information. Hope you will get something to ponder upon.

Lots of Love



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