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Must Know Commands for the FTP users

Posted by srinwantudey on July 18, 2009

Though your favourite FTP client will take care of your FTP proceedings, being an FTP addictive you should know all the commands, a client writes to chat with the server.

The list of the commands are being taken from Columbia University site for your convenience:

I. Opening and closing connection

* ftp – starts an FTP session

* open hostname – connects to the specified host

* close – closes the connection (but not the FTP session!)

* quit – terminates the FTP session

II. Browsing on a remote machine

* dir – gives a full directory listing on the remote machine

* dir test* – displays only files and directories whose name begins with “test…”

* ls – same as dir, but provides a simplified listing of filenames

III. Directories in FTP

* pwd – prints the name of the current remote directory

* cd remote-directory – changes working directory on remote host

* cd .. – moves up one level in the directory structure on the remote host

* lcd directory – changes the default directory on local host

IV. Types of files

* binary – type this command at the FTP prompt to set binary mode before transferring binary files

* For example, use binary mode with the following types of files:

o SPSS System files

o SAS Transport files

o Stata Datasets

o Graphics files (e.g., *.gif, *.jpg, *.bmp, etc.)

o Microsoft Office documents (*.doc, *.xls, etc.)

* ascii – type this command at the FTP prompt to set ASCII mode before transferring text files.

* Use the ASCII mode with any of the following:

o Raw Data (e.g. *.dat or *.txt, codebooks, or other plain text documents)

o SPSS Portable files

o HTML files

V. Transferring files

* get test – copies file “test” from remote to local host (from current remote directory to current local directory)

* mget test.* data.dbf – copies files beginning with “test” and the file named data.dbf from remote to local host

* put test – copies file “test” from local to remote host. You musth have write access to the remove host for this to work.

* mput test.* data.dbf – copies files beginning with “test” and the file named data.dbf from local to remote host

* quit – closes connection and terminates FTP session

* If a file name contains spaces (e.g. on your Windows system) you should type the file name in quotation marks ” “,

but it is strongly recommended to rename such files before FTPing them.

VI. Other Commands

* get test “| more” – displays file “test”

To make sure you want a document, you can display it with the more command and see the file screen by screen (using the space bar) BEFORE you get a file. To exit out of more , type q.

* prompt – turns off prompting for individual files when using the mget or mput commands.

* If you have mistyped your username or password, use the user command to re-login.

* For a list of all FTP commands type ? at the ftp> prompt.

* For a brief explanation of a command, type help, leave a space,and type the command itself.


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F1 VISA Processing: My Interview Experience: Part 4

Posted by srinwantudey on June 22, 2009

Hi to all,

I had my Visa Interview on 17th June at 11:00 am.

Address: American Consulate General, 5/1 Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata – 700071

I reached the consulate office at 10:30 am and join a queue of 5/6 people just outside the office. The security guard ask me to keep my idenfying documents like passport, VI appointment letter, HDFC receipt etc in hand. Then he did some customery job and let me enter into the consulate. Another checking (this time electronic)has been done and I am allowed inside only with my document folder, wallet, pen and hankerchief.

Inside the Interview Room there are 7 counters what so ever. Please have a look over the diagram to have a concept of the Kolkata VI room.


At first I am asked to attend the counter 1 to submit the initial documents. There was a smiling gentleman receiving the documents but in a nut, he moved to counter 2 while another man replaced him at the counter 1. He was not that gentle. He started to grill the applicant starting from there.Anyway, he was not that bad though. I submit my HDFC bank receipts, Sevis Fee receipts, DS forms, VI appointment letter, passport, GRE & TOEFL score cards and I20 form. Then he asked me to submit the University admission letter and my financial documents. I had made some mistakes feeling the DS forms (everyone does, need not worry)he had pointed out the mistakes and ask me to correct them. You must carry a black pen, I repeat. After receiving everything, he returned me the pink slip and asked me to seat and wait. Counter no 1 & 2 were responsible for document collection. Counter 3 was assisting applicants with finger print scanning, where the next counter was closed. There were bit crowd that day – I need to wait a bit. Then I had a call from counter 3 where a smiling lady was interacting for scanning. After that I again had to wait. There were manly two counters dealing with the interview – 5 & 6. Counter 7 was seldom calling a applicant or two. The guy, sitting beside me had his call from counter 5. I guess, he had offer from TAMU Mechanical. But his interview was not impressive. It looked so. He was in trouble. A bit long interview and I clearly noticed that, he was returned his passport immediately. Adamn rejection. And all of a suddent  – it was my call – from that cursed Counter 5.

He was a blonde gentleman but not with a big smile. A little tired, I guess as there was a real rush that day.

Me: Hi……..Good Morning! (I need to calculate as it was 11:55 am)

VO: Keep you index finger there (He pointed out to the scanning machine at the window, without greeting me)

Me: Is it fine?

VO: It’s OK. Remove it. ……. (watching my I20)…….. why University of Florida?

Me: Sir, I have a two years of experience in software engineering and database development. I need to have a in – depth knowledge in my area of choice. The course at University of Florida offers good learning and research opportunity in those field which will definitly give me an edge  when I will return back to industry here.

VO: You have 2 years of experience?

Me: Yes, Around 23 months.

VO: You seem to achieve a scholarship (I gave him a big smile), what about rest of the expense?

Me: I have been awarded with 40% tuition waiver from the university and for the rest I have my family funds of around XX.XX Lakhs and I have sanctioned an education loan of XX.XX Lakh from SBI. This is sufficient to cover the expense.

VO: What your father do?

Me: My father was …..XXXX but unfortunately he was died recently.

VO: How long ago? (come a bit closer now)

Me:nearly 3 months

VO: I am very sorry to hear that

Me: It’s OK.

VO: (suddenly nodded his head, my face was pale that time)So, no visit before? (typing something)

Me: No sir, this is my first opportunity

VO: Well, congratulation! I am approving your VISA (keep my passport aside)

Me: Thank you so much

VO: Your passport will be sent to your address (returning my documents)

Me: Thanks sir, Take Care!

That;s it!

Confidence is the only motto. Stay confident, loud and clear while talking. Never miss an eye-contact.And please do not lie to them.

Before interview, just think what are the vulnarable points  you have. Make valid reasons for that and practise a bit. If possible keep some document with you and state the reasons confidently. Trust me, you will be through.

Best of Luck!

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F1 VISA Processing: A step by step guide: Part 3

Posted by srinwantudey on June 22, 2009

This post is for the VI preparation.

What you need to carry for the VI: This list is an exhaustive one which satisfy many a case. Please consider which ever matches you.

  1. Passport♣
  2. HDFC Bank receipts (pink & blue slips)♣
  3. Visa Interview Appointment Letter♣
  4. SEVIS Fee receipt♣
  5. DS 156, DS 157, DS 158 forms (print outs)♣
  6. University I20 form♣
  7. GRE & TOEFL score cards♣
  8. University Admission Letter♣
  9. University Funding Letter (if any)♣
  10. Degree Certificate♣
  11. Mark sheets including Semester, 12 & 10♣
  12. Transcripts♣
  13. CA Statement♣
  14. Bank Statements♣
  15. Loan Sanction Letter if any ♣
  16. Fund Flow Statement
  17. Affidavit of support from sponsors♣
  18. Pass books♣
  19. Bank certificate of FDs♣
  20. Property deeds and Evaluation report♣
  21. Sponsors IT return
  22. Experience certificate from employee if not then offer letter♣
  23. Pay slips of 2/3 months♣
  24. IT returns/Form 16♣
  25. Other university admit letters/I20s♣
  26. Corresponding emails with Professors
  27. Job confirmation letter from employee after return from US
  28. Pension book, Rent receipts, MIS etc.♣
  29. Source of recent high transactions♣
  30. Birth Certificate♣
  31. SOP and CV

The items marked by ♣ are taken by me during VISA interview.

My suggestions are as follows (try to stick with them to have a smooth processing):

  1. Sign the I20 and DS forms before the VI.
  2. Snap your VISA photo as per specification – this is really strict measurement. Try to do it by some professional one. For Kolkata guys if you can’t find any one else come to Sector 5 near Webel – you will find US Visa photo studio there. Else every where you will find specialist studio just outside the VISA consulate. But always ask the local shops first. Glue the photo in DS 156 form.
  3. Bring a harmonium folder and arrange your documents inside it systematically.
  4. The affidavit of support should be written in Rs. 20/- court paper.
  5. If you have more than one bank account, try to collect your bank statements in same date.
  6. Keep a black pen with you on the VI day.
  7. Shouldn’t keep any sealed envelop with you. If you have any like transcripts, open it before entering consulate.

Best of Luck!

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F1 VISA Processing: A step by step guide: Part 2

Posted by srinwantudey on June 21, 2009

Now, its time to fill out the online application form. Go to and click on the link “Apply for non-immigrant Visa”. Then continue with the application. You will be asked if you have BEP user ID. Check the “No” option against that. Now create a new application . At any time you can save the application, logout and return later. Just remember that the application info you have saved will be retained for only 7 days. Keep your passport number and HDFC fee receipt number along with you to create the application. Then you will need to fill up 4 forms.

  1. DS 156
  2. DS 157
  3. DS 158
  4. SEVIS Form

To fill out the DS 156 form have a look at the screen shots of my form furnished  below:


To fill out the DS 157 form have a look at the screen shots of my form furnished  below:


To fill out the DS 158 form have a look at the screen shots of my form furnished  below:


I hope if you use your brain a bit, you can easily fill out the forms. Just Remember a few things :

  1. Write NA if any thing is not applicable for you.
  2. For University Contact  or US contact person, write the name of your Graduate Coordinator in place of “SELF”
  3. While writing address avoid typing special characters like ‘/’ or ‘,’ etc. Use space instead.
  4. In answere to Q. 10  of DS 157 form, write India if you don’t have multiple passports.
  5. Fill the forms using Internet Explorer only.

To fill out the SEVIS form, have your I20 form along with you. Enter the SEVIS ID issued by the university (starts with N) in the application. I don’t have screen-shots though, trust me this is real easy.

Now it’s time to pay the SEVIS fee. Go to to pay this. You can pay this via your credit card. You must print the Sevis fee receipt so please make sure you have a printing enabled in your computer. You may also use a PDF printer. You cannot return to this page later. So stay alert.

After that, take your VISA interview date and print all the three forms and visa interview appointment letter positively. You can also arrange your interview without paying the SEVIS fee but be ready with the receipt before VI.

Bye for now!

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F1 VISA Processing: A step by step guide: Part 1

Posted by srinwantudey on June 7, 2009

Time is on. Time is running fast. It’s already June and I am yet to take my Visa Interview date. I am walking real late. Still I have managed some time to write my VISA experience for my readers and prospective applicants. I will try to cover each and every trivial aspect of my journey, hope it will help others.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is pay the VISA fee. This is payable only at few selected HDFC outlets. You can find the nearest outlet from here. I  visited the Central Plaza HDFC outlet near Minto Park, Kolkata and it is just a matter of 15 minutes or so.

Just remember few things before paying the fee:

  1. Reach the bank before 3:30 pm on weekdays and before 12:30 pm on Saturdays.
  2. Carry your passport along with a photocopy of its front page. Though the photocopy will suffice, it is always better to keep the original with you to be on the safe side.

Now comes the fee instructions:

  1. Visa Application Fee (MRV Fee): US $131 payable in INR equivalent at consular exchange rate.
  2. Service Charge: Rs.374/- which includes VFS’ service charge Rs359/- & Bank service charge Rs15/- (inclusive of Service Tax @ 10% and Education Tax @0.30%)

I highly recommend paying the fee in cash (though DD will serve the purpose) as it will definitely speed up the process.

Well, let’s return to my experience. I went there with some of my friends and only with the passport. I eventually forgot to make the photocopy which can be done free of cost from my office. Luckily there was a xerox centre just opposite to the bank. I made  a photocopy of the first and last page (last page is not mandatory) and then withdrew Rs. 7500 from the nearby ATM. I was not sure about the total amount. Then I walked into the bank and asked an officer about the VISA counter. Directed from there I promptly asked the concerned person for the application form of “Non immigrant VISA”.

The person handed over two forms to be filled in by me. One of them basically consisted of 3 similar pages, one white,, one pink and another blue . The amount to be paid was already written in INR on the forms as per the current rate. For me the amount was Rs. 6550/-  all inclusive. The three forms had carbon papers in between so I would recommend you to fill up the forms with little pressure. I just needed to write my name, date of birth, passport number and amount in words. That other form was nothing but a cash deposit form. All together a mere 5 minutes of cake walk. Then I moved to the cash counter with all those forms , the photocopy of my passport and Rs 6550/- cash. At the counter, they received  all the things and return you only  the blue and  the pink slip with a bar code affixed.

This bar code is activated after two days and is required while feeling the online application. Remember to keep the receipts along with you. You will require those on the VI day.

Bye for now!

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