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Mozilla Impact Contest – My Proposal

Posted by srinwantudey on May 7, 2009

While browsing my archived folders in my Ubuntu Box, I found this document luckily. Mozilla once organised a contest namely “Mozilla Impact”. I have participated in it and set my proposal to them. It was about strategies to promote  Mozilla among net maniacs. It’s only about business part, no technical capabilities is not involved here. Unfortuntely my proposal was rejected in the preliminary step. Still, I can’t resist to post it here for the redears here:

Mozilla Impact Proposal:

Be the Mozilla

Goal: Start up a User Loyalty Program to enforce long term relationship with the net-surfers.

Steps Involved:

  • Unique user identification:

The users will be designated with one Mozilla unique ID during the registration process.

  • Tier and Point System:

All the Mozilla users will be segregated in multiple tiers (gold, silver, platinum etc) with the higher tier gains higher advantage rule.

A point system will be introduced based on which the tier management will work. The points will be given to the users on basis of download amount and time spent in the browser.

The different criteria to define tier and point can be the following:

  1. Online Time spent at Mozilla Browsers

  2. Download amount via Mozilla Browsers

  3. Innovative Creation for Mozilla (Widgets, Themes, Add-ons)

  4. Refer to friends

The user needs to install a Mozilla Add-on (to be designed specifically for this purpose) to enable this tracking.

  • Loyalty Components:

The loyalty program consists of various components. Each component has its own predefined criteria. Depending on the tier status and points achieved by the user, he or she might be exposed to different Mozilla Achievement Kit to grow up a interactive relation with the users.

Creative Strategies:

  1. Be the Friend of Mozilla“

  2. Be the Face of Mozilla”

  3. Be the Partner of Mozilla”

  • Be the Friend of Mozilla“ : After achieving some predefined criteria user will be sent some friendship gifts and goodies like Caps, Mug, Pen etc with the Mozilla Firefox logo. It will help to rich the healthy relation between Mozilla and user.

  • Be the Face of Mozilla”: The surfer who achieves the highest point in a week will be declared as the Face of Mozilla. His or her face and name will be involved in various campaigns, advertisements or animations by Mozilla for the next week worldwide. Example: The animated face of the best surfer (highest point scorer) might be displayed at the Firefox Task Bar through the next week to whomever online via Firefox. This promotion will increase the usability of Firefox among the net maniacs to a huge extent. Who doesn’t want be a famous face?

  • Be the Partner of Mozilla”: Whenever a user meets some preset goals he or she may be awarded some web space at free of cost. Thus the user can start web hosting business without any capital. This promotion introduces “Profit Back” policy to Mozilla. Whenever the awarded web spaces are being used for profitable business X% of money will be returned to Mozilla Fund. This strategy serves dual purpose:

  1. Mozilla needs to buy the web space one time but can have earn through it several times in future whenever it is used in business purpose by the user.

  2. The user doesn’t need to expense a single penny to start or continue the business and though he needs to return some fraction of profit to Mozilla, still can enjoy a better monitory achievement just free of cost. It will surely help to attract users to use Mozilla.


The “Be The Mozilla” concept involves some direct and indirect cost as follows:

  1. Cost of advertisement.

  2. Cost of gifts, memento and token.

  3. Cost of buying Web space.

Be The Mozilla” is such a marketing strategy where both user and Mozilla get benefitted. The one time cost to buy web space will be recovered in the future when the web space will be handed over.


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