Workstation Live 9.6

Online journal by Srinwantu Dey

Week Planner

My activity plan for the week 30th March, 2009 – 7th April, 2009:

  1. Work on issue 15.3 ACM Crossroads
  2. Gather some information on Peer Review!

My activity plan for the week 16th March, 2009 – 22nd March, 2009:

  1. Search the old formatted pages from ACM Crossroads page as requested by Gabriel Saldana.
  2. Ask Justin Solomon to review the article on “Cyber Cold War – the world war 3.1”.
  3. Finish the proposal paper on “Timed Based Password Protocol”.
  4. Promote Indian Society for Free Software Users (markketing issue).
  5. Start working on the document writing of Blue Writer (Very Urgent).
  6. Help out to drafting the editorial on AMJ with Dr. Monica Gaidhane.

I am a terribly lazy guy, so please pray to the God for me to achieve some of the benchmarks. Oh! forget to mention. I have planned a trip to Shankarpur next weekend,so God only knows which ever goal I can achieve eventually.


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