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About Me!

Hi friends,

Welcome to my live workstation! And be more specifically I would welcome all who want to share ideas, thoughts and activities with me. I am giving free license to criticize me to the full. I will get down all of my activities to be done here for your reviews and comments and perhaps like a reminder for me also as I have some terrible memory. I ready to help anyone who wants to get enlightened. You find me seldom screaming for help also (sorry for the word seldom, it will become frequent eventually), and it will be yours duty to rescue me out. I admit, I am a very greenhorn in all of the fields still which ever I post,I believe,  some one at some where will receive some sort of inspiration.

Before talking gibberish, better to introduce myself. I have a very average life till date (dreaming for some unusual ones surely). Before going to school, I wish to be an Army man. In my primary school days, bus conductors used to seduce me a lot.(What a drastic change!). After reaching the high school I want to become a research scholar and in fact while I was a sophomore of my undergraduate university the one and only motto of my life is to become a IT professional with a frame-less specs and lots of bank balance. I did manage that easily with mammoth self pride. But things has been changed so unnaturally, the clouds of illusion blew past so quickly. Now I am totally an unemployed employee. Searching for my real dream. 

As a person I pretend to be a cognizant (feel the pun or punch I say), reality is, I am not. I love quizzing and hates mugging. A sports fanatic. A die hard Chelsea fan (wish if I can play like Frank) and Sachin Tendulkar is God to me. Oh! One more thing, I beleive in God, God resides within me, you, everyone else.

Enough gibberish. Time to start up things to be done.

I am here to help each and everyone who will pursue for my help. Those who want to shift their career to research at US universities, please follow my “Art of Application” post, which I personally feel, very much helpful for the fresh applicants. The road map will be full of confusions and you have tackle them. The workstation will be serving me and my visitors  as a Colosseum for learning, researching, sharing information and rectifying mistakes to have a better cognitive future. Now a days, I am bit playing with Linux tools and being a new bie, I need your full support. I would like to request the seniors rectify me whenever you find any wrong behaviour.


5 Responses to “About Me!”

  1. Sandeep said

    hi there,

    I am looking for masters in environmental engineering or management, wat are the opportunities we do have,amreally confused as thers no one to help us out n o we have any sort of funding and do the ppl @ US univs really issue us research works?

    thanks for ur help in advance

    • srinwantudey said

      Hey Sandeep,
      let me gain some information on Mangement first, and I will publish it veryu soon. Please subscribe to track your request. I will be more than happy to help you out.

  2. Murlikrishna said

    this is murli
    as i completed my GRE nd TOEFL test also i send few universities and waiting for admits..
    actually for GRE it is my 3rd attempt whch i scored 900 (v-260, q-640, awa-2.5) and toefl is of 2nd attempt scored 73. My academic BE percentage is 62.30%
    10th 57.20% 12th 57.67% and no. of backlogs are 12 to 15.

    i applied for specialisation of masters in Computer Science

    As i applied for foll universites:
    New york Inst of Tech
    New Jersey Inst of Tech
    Northwestern polytechnic uni
    Stratford university
    California State uni, Northridge

    and also i got i20 from stratford uni
    bt i am still waiting for another admits…
    i wont to know whether i can get admit to other universites mentioned above ???
    is Stratford is a good uni with all faculites and campus placements????

  3. Pallav Dutta said

    E-mail id needed!!!!

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